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Xarilaos Tsigonias - Ithaki's Dance Group

Traditionally, New Year is given a push forward through the ritual cutting of the Pita. It's a tradition kept alive through Greece. A slice of pita for all the important things in our lives.

Although the municipality and other regions of Ithaki had already cut their Pita, we headed along to the Ithaki Dance Group from Perahori cutting of the Pita held at the KAPI in Vathy.

Xarilaos Tsigonias had 2 Pitas, one for the children arm of the dance group and one for the adults. Speeches were given by members of the council and supporters of the dance group.

Lots of food and plenty to drink for the many of the community who came along to help the Ithaki Dance Group give a warm and traditional welcome to the New Year.

February 3rd 2013 KAPI Vathy