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Burnt Thursday - Pre-Easter Celebrations

Weather-wise it was a miserable day. There wasn't a moment it didn't rain, but it didn't stop the celebrations for Burnt Thursday to go ahead. Out came umbrellas and canopies for shelter. The party must go on.

We headed to Vathy first where a celebration and big grill up was planned for the village in the village square. With the rain, the party headed across the road to The Net cafe, where the bbq was set up under the umbrellas. It wasn't too long before a good crowd began to gather, despite the really awful weather.

The fearless even set up private bbq's out in the streets. Not deterred by the rain at all.

It was pretty quiet in Stavros, but in Kioni, the community got together and fired the a couple of bbq's, and luckily so. So many people came to the Burnt Thursday celebration in Kioni. The old school hall was packed full.

After such a long and wet winter, the community was very ready for a little partying, and rain or not, the party would go on.

Just a little advice to myself. If you're wearing a coat with a hood and it's raining, make sure you put your hood on, otherwise you will get drenched by the rain that collected in it once you do put the hood on.

With a festive (albeit it rainy) feeling across the island, it's easy to forget it's Thursday.

Again, a big thanks to the Ithaki community for letting me share Burnt Thursday with all of you.

Thursday 7th March 2013