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Mentored by Ester van Zuylen

Ester van Zuylen, artist and walking guide living and working on Ithaki, has always had a special talent to bring out the best in young artists. Getting them to experience and investigate natural and every day objects around them to make a piece of art. When starting the workshops, she did not want to give art lessons, but rather workshop ideas. These young minds soak up what's around them and have thoroughly been so excited to take part, producing pieces the whole community can enjoy through this two day exhibition. From mobiles to self-portraits and many more creative ideas and processes inbetween, the northern Ithaki children who took part in this workshop, have expressed themselves with colour, humour and insight that is always so special.

The Stavros old medical center, which had been recently converted to a community space, is an ideal gallery to show off these kids talents. Ester is an enthusiastic curator of these works and all in all, a really worthwhile place to spend 30 mins looking around. Children have a knack of finding humour and their own unique perspective in all they do, and that's a real enjoyable aspect of this exhibition. The raw talent of Ithaki's future generation.