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28th October 2012

Oxi Day celebrations went off without a hitch. The rain held off, it was actually quite warm and balmy, and although the sky threatened to open up, it contained itself until after the parade and speeches were over. We started in Stavros, but because both north and south have their celebrations almost at the same time, I didn't have time to photograph the children from Stavros in the parade. Maybe next year the north could have it a little earlier or the south a little later, so that parents don't need to divide themselves. With some children in primary school and others in high school, parents split duties north and south instead of both being able to enjoy each childs contribution to Oxi Day.

Oxi Day signifies liberation and it's importance runs deep in the core of both young and old. Not everyone in Greece is an Ellinas (Greek) by birth, some just have it in their hearts, so Oxi Day may not have the same meaning for us as it does when Ellinas comes with a birthright, but Oxi Day can be significant in all the areas we should be saying OXI to in our present and in our future. Oxi to racism, Oxi to war, Oxi to dehumanization, Oxi to poverty, Oxi to sexism, oxi oxi oxi! Yes to human kindness, equality, peace and respect for all.

After the parade, families and friends headed to the cafes around Vathy Square and the bayside to enjoy eachother's company, catch up and mull over the politics of the day on this important Greek occasion.