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Theofilos & Nikos turn 8 Saturday 20th October 2012

We have seen Theofilos and Nikos (lovingly known on as the spavento twins) grow up into a couple of talented and clever boys, who have not only captured the hearts of their village, Kioni, but of so many of you who have been visiting Kioni and Spavento cafe bar over the years. From their baptism to 8 years old. As every year, Jennie and George from Spavento, proud parents and stealth Kioni locals, put on a feast and party, not just for the kids, but for half the northern island. It was a great day for it too. 28 degrees C, made for most of the fun to be outdoors. Each year, the party venue has been the old Kioni school, which has enough room inside and out and by the time it was over, there was no food left, the bbq had sizzled out and the kids were all hyped up on sugar. Just what a kids birthday party is supposed to be. 

Theofilos and Nikos turn 8. Birthday party on ithaca Greece 2012





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