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Sunday 20th May 2014


In Greece, Easter Sunday is about food and family. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. The day revolves around the spitroast with lamb and tables of food and drink. After weeks of fasting through Lent, there's a rush on the innards first, then the flesh. There is more merriment around the lunch table than you can poke a stick at, and more lip-smacking than you would have done as teenagers in the back seat of a car.  Once everyone is stuffed full, a great majority pass out where they sit and have a good nap. It's the biggest day on the Greek social calendar, with people coming back to their Ithaki to spend this time with their families and friends.

Well, there is actually one person I know of that never gets to the lunch table while there's still food on it, ME. I'm too early for some, too late for others, all in the quest to get photographs of this day for all of you and it's a sacrifice that isn't just good for you, but for my wasteline too, so I'm not complaining. Families welcome me into their homes to capture their special moments to share with all of you, and that's a special enough thing for me to be able to do on this day.

Happy Easter to All.