Explore Ithaca Hike Friday 30th December 2016

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The Mother's Club for the Middle School in Vathy organized a great hike with Dimitris Artavanis from Explore Ithaca which took a group of students and parents from Marathia along mountain ridges to Spiliotissa chapel, onto Perahori, Marmarospilia and then ending in Ithaki's capital of Vathy. Below: Explore Ithaca's guide - Dimitris Artavanis who has been showing Ithacans and visitors our wonderful island.

A perfect day for walking, sunny and blue-skied, crisp fresh air and clear views. It was chilly in the shade, but when in the sunshine, the kids took off their parkers and walked in their t-shirts. This is one of Explore Ithaca's easier walks, but it was still a great challenge through rocky narrow goat tracks which weaved and climbed around the mountain sides.

Through the winter lushness we passed little out of the way chapels and ruins.

With little to no rain over the past month, the hillsides were dry, but green.

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