Easter Monday at Dendra Estate Monday 17th April 2017

Each year Judi and Nick Levi put on an Easter Monday BBQ at their estate, Dendra in the the south of Ithaca. Invited guests get treated to some special attention with delicious food and varied company from around the island.

A little rain in the morning nearly halted this annual event, but the skies cleared to mostly blue and the BBQ continued on as planned in their beautiful, lush gardens, a green oasis nurtured by the gods themselves.

Dendra Estate is the home of hosts Judi and Nick Levi, who have lived on the island for more than a decade. They holiday let 2 cottages on their estate for summer holidays. Each cottage with it's own private parking and swimming pool. The gardens are of course lovely with many areas for reflection, sunshine or shade.

ithacagreece.com would like to thank Judi and Nick for their kind invitation again this year, but also the folks who are kind enough to let me share these special occasions with all of you! A BIG THANKS!

Dendra Estate Easter Monday BBQ

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