Ithaca Winter Specials 2017 & 2018

So what could be so special in regard to what happens in Winter on Ithaca? Well, it's the time of year when the island is lusciously green, when all the local traditions rarely seen during the Summer period, are the 'every day' occurences during Winter. Ithaca life far from tourism eyes. Winter is also the time of the New Year celebrations, Carnival and Easter festivities and so many more annual events, religious and patriotic, that Greece holds so close to its bossom. Here you will find the photographs and news of many of these occasions which take place through Winter 2017 and 2018.

Marida Festival

North Ithaca Primary School Christmas Bazaar

Vathy Middle School Christmas Bazaar


Tsiknopempti - Burnt Thursday

Forkys Carnival Party

Mylos Creperie Carnival Party

Stavros Primary School Carnival Party

Stavros Treasure Hunt and Night Parade

Carnival Parade

Kathara Deftera - Clean Monday

Independence Day 2018

Greek Easter - Good Friday

Greek Easter - The Resurrection

Greek Easter - Easter Sunday

Ag. Georgios Celebration


Be part of the Ithaki community, whether it be online or in the flesh. We know you will enjoy your Greek Island holiday on Ithaca Greece.


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