Ithaca Winter Specials

Go back through the years of Winter time on Ithaca Greece. All the special events documented since 2003. Carnivals, parties, parades, theater, dances and more. It's all here. Just click on a year to see what Ithaki celebrated back then.

Revisit all your favourite Special Winter events from 2003 up unto the present. There are 1000's of memories packed into these years. If you remember Winter On Ithaca pages, you can revisit them from What's New Menu - Winter On Ithaca.

There is so much to enjoy on, so many memories and so much fun to remember. Take a walk down memory lane or see how life was back then on Ithaki.


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Ithaca Photo Book

Hard cover with Luster Finish photo paper. High quality - Limited Edition Comes in 4 Sizes 6x6 / 8x8 / 10x10 / 12x12.


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Free Virtual Postcards from Ithaca.

e-Thiaki Postcards is a collection of photos for you to send to a friend or loved one.

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