Ithaca's Beaches

What can be said about Ithaca's beaches? Well, firstly they are not sandy, but have smooth white pebbles which embrace pristine, clear pools of Ionian sea where the entire day can be spent soaking up the warm Mediterranean sun.
The greatest pleasure on Ithaca in Summer is to discover your own private beach. We won't hinder you from that endeavor, but here are a few of Ithaca's popular beaches which you will only have to yourself in the Low-Season.


Ag. Ioannis is one of the more popular beaches with views across to Cephalonia. The deep of Aphales has some wonderful things in store if you like to snorkel and swim further around the cape. Turtles migrating have been observed here. Krouvoulia 1 beach has some shady corners and is only a few minutes walk from Frikes village. Loutsa Beach on the edge of Vathy is a popular swimming hole for locals and visitors alike due to its close proximity to Vathy central.

Filliatro is a popular beach for those staying in and around Vathy. The forested surrounds and a Cantina make it an easy way to spend all day. Campers have set up here over the years. Kioni Beaches are all within walking distance from the center. From your room straight into the water and then to one of the local restaurants or cafes for refreshments. Kioni can't make it easier than that. Be aware however, there is a strange phenomenon that results in staying there. Few ever reach the hill of Raxi to see the rest of the island. Polis Beach has worked up a fun reputation since Lucky has been setting up umbrellas and sun lounges. Much to talk and laugh about under the Fig tree whilst inbetween a swim. Krouvoulia 2 is another northern Ithacan favourite. A place for families and friends.

When traveling to Ithaca, it's a great idea to hire a moped so you can discover all of the islands' treasures. You can also hire boats and find a secluded spot where you can contemplate how life really could be. Forget the real world for a little while.

Please remember to be 'Sun Smart' and help us keep our beaches clean and safe for everyone.


Beaches Greece - Ithaca Loutsa Filiatro Afales Ag. Ioannis Sarakiniko Krouvoulia Mavrona Polis Katsikouli Dexa


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