Donate to Ithaca Greece is a work of love, and that you out there in cyberland love this site enough to want to donate, makes me feel very warm and fuzzy, and very appreciative of your committment to keeping this site online by logging in so regularly to see what's going on here. hOME ithaca greece website has taken on a life of its' own since its' inception in 2003, and has grown to monster proportions. Nothing gets deleted from the site, except for businesses and properties no longer available. All the locals remain, as do all the Summer and Winter pages as we continue through the years. My hope is that the site will be a growing online archive of this small island in the Ionian, that can be enjoyed by all who love Ithaca. Click on Paypal icon below if you'd like to donate to Paypal guarrantees secure transactions for credit cards or existing paypal accounts. Thank you so much for helping me keep this site alive, despite the dire circumstances we here on Ithaca have found ourselves in with the current economic situation.



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