Walking Sailing trekking around Ithaca island. Fun things to do around Ithaca Greece Ionian Island of Greece

When you want to get more out of your holiday on Ithaca than a good tan after days at the beach, there are some healthy and inspiring activities to take part in while on the island.

Amberjack Marine Tours Ithaca
Ioannis Krokos takes you around Ithaca to the best beaches and secluded bays for a special holiday adventure.

Atokos Boat Trip and Picnic
Weekly boat trip to the small island of Atokos. Each Wednesday guided by Mark and Lilia - Vathy & Frikes pickup

Armonia Tours
Flexible boat trips around Ithacan beaches and to nearby Ionian islands on the Trehandiri. An orginal Greek boat.

Explore Ithaca Walking Tours
Dimitris Artavanis - +30 6986 050 051

Ithaca Transfers - Kavallieratos
Weddings Parties and Private Functions as well as regular transfers from Kefalonia to Ithaca.

Odyssey Diving and Sea Kayak Club
Whether you just like taking it easy or in for a bit of adventure, you will not be disappointed in this holiday activity on the water.

Walking Tours with Ester van Zuylen
Ester van Zuylen - +30 6944 990 458

Walking Tours with Katrina Parsey
Katrina Parsey - +30  6975 928240

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