Visitors Letters 2016/2017

Many people who come to Ithaca fall in love with the island, its' tradtional villages, the people and the life style. Many want to share their holiday experience with others and therefore these pages are open to all to write in and tell us about their time on Ithaca, good and bad experiences, we publish all letters if they are not morally offensive. Personal email addresses are not published, only names and the country of origin. Contact US

It is a disgrace that the Greek Government does not subsidise the Patra to Ionian Islands route. Obviously the route is not financially viable as a commercial concern otherwise the private line operators would be able to run it. It is unfair to blame the shipping lines.  It always seemed odd that the prices charged seemed way below cost when they were running. A 2 or 3 round trips a week Ionian – Patra frequency would be better than none. The cost should be seen by the Government as investment  an essential service– bringing valuable foreign currency to the Ionian helps the local economies, who now are basically totally dependent on tourism, and in turn it helps the national economy of Greece. George Florence Melbourne Australia

Dear Erica, We have just returned from Ithaca after two wonderful weeks.  We were at Rementzo taverna whenyou were there for lunch.  I was delighted to see you and asked the young woman serving to pass on a message. It was to tell you that your photographs and information keep us going through the winter.  Feels like being part of the Ithaca family.  It`s our 10th visit and we are looking forward to many more.  Keep up the good work. Regards Norma and Alan Frost.

Good Morning Erika, Again we are looking forward to our 9th consecutively to Ithaki in 3 weeks. Thank you and Dmitri (we think), for the magnificent presentation of the Beach Manager. We know Takis well, even though we frequent alternate beaches. Takis spent Summer in Melbourne which we are sure you are aware. We spent time with him taking him around including a visit to see Dennis  Sikiotis at his Nursing Home also caught up with Laki. Thanks for,  (as usual), the News and travel updates you provide, much appreciated. Looking Forward to seeing you both again. Gwen & Chris Brickhill .Melbourne

Hi Erica,  I am still enjoying you website immensely.  My first contribution being Visitors Letters, 2006, Page 6.  Unfortunately, I haven't been back since 2000 but my nieces/nephews and great-nieces/nephews are now making the trip to Kioni.  All of them loving Ithaki but particularly Kioni, the birthplace of their grandfather/great-grandfather.  Luckily we get news of the family - Panayiota (aunt), Ilias (cousin), Mileydis, and the locals - Captain Dion Dellaportas, Jenny (Spavento) from them on their return.  Every time I log onto the site, I recall fond memories of your beautiful island.  Best wishes to all in Kioni.  Thank you Erica for a job well done!  Cheers, Jill Sutcliffe (Moraitis)

Have just seen the photographs of the production of the Murderesses of Papadiamanta and so wish I could have been there! Seeing familiar faces on stage and in the audience, relaxed and without the summer pressure was wonderful. Congratulations to all involved with the performance and I am sure they all had a marvellous time together. As long standing Ithacan fans we are so greatful that each year we are allowed to share your beautiful island for a short time and never cease to be amazed at the warm welcome we receive. Looking forward to our visit to Kioni in September and wishing all islanders health and happiness and a good season. Regards Marie Bush UK

Hi Erica, so happy to have you back. We have really missed your photographs and news while you were in Australia. Keep up the good work. Best Caroline UK

Hallo Erika, We havent had the pleasure of meeting, but just wanted to drop you a line to say how much we appreciate the site and all the great fotos! I hope to get to ithaka one day in Spring and for easter. Looks like a lot of fun and everything looks so very great. Wishing you well, Karl Heinz.

Happy New Year look forward to meeting you this June/July when me and my husband will spend our second honeymoon on Ithaca and Cephalonia. Love all the pics. Can't wait!!!! Regards Mads UK



Please feel free to write us and let us know your experience and thoughts on Ithaca Greece. We look forward to hearing from you. Contact Us

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