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December on Ithaca

Coming into Winter on Ithaki

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December 2016

Thursday 1st - Ithaca continues to struggle under the cut Ithaca to Patra route for the next couple of months. Makes things very dificult, especially for those with medical conditions.

Saturday 3rd - It may be colder, but there's something comforting about Winter on Ithaca.

Monday 5th - Ferry strikes have caused chaos, not only on Ithaca, but all of Greece, but especially small islands like Ithaca, whose access to medical and other facilities is completely cut off during strikes. The strike was extended to 4 days until Tuesday and then on Thursday, a general strike will stop the ferries as again.

Friday 9th - With the ferry strike continuing on through Sunday, the island is beginning to feel the great inconvenience of it even more distinctly with no food supplies or fuel coming in, not to mention those in need of medical facilities on the Mainland and now also those stranded on the Mainland, unable to return, especially if they have a car. The sea taxi service has been working over time ferrying people across, but for some fragile elderly, that could be a stressful experience.

Sunday 11th - The ferry strike is finally over, just in time to replenish the dwindling food and fuel supplies. Luckily we have such a great sea taxi service on the island. Odysseas Sea taxi ferried people across to the mainland all the week, allowing the sick to attend their doctors appointments and those in need to leave and return to the island, a viable way off and on. A big thanks to Yianni!!.

Tuesday 13th - More rainy days ahead, but at least the ferry is running again, so that's something to celebrate this Christmas period.

Stavros Square is brightly lit with Christmas cheer, as are most of the villages on the island.


December 2016

Winter on Ithaca Greece Island

Thursday 1st


Winter comining much earlier this year with snow already on the Mainland mountains. A big chill with heavy winds today, churned up the Ionian all around us and kept most of us indoors. Brrrrr!

Saturday 13th - On Friday 16 December, Forkis Theatre group will be presenting a performance of Petros and the Wolf, in the morning at the Primary School in Vathy and in the evening at the Cinema, also Monday 19th at the Primary School in Stavros.

Monday 5th December



Friday 9th - We've got some sunny days again after what seems weeks, of grey and rainy skies.


Tuesday 13th - We've had some blue skies, but this winter so far has been mostly grey and raining.

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