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May 2017

Tuesday 16th - Still no news about the re-instatement of the Ithaki - Patras route. It probably won't be until the company sees they'll make money and that won't be until high season. I hope I'm wrong. Would be great to see the larger ferry back on Ithaki. As the traffic increases, Astakos ferry may start to struggle with the amount of people coming to the island.

Ferry strike today and tomorrow interrupt our holiday mood. Best check with your travel agents as it may continue beyond these two days if they vote on it.

Wednesday 17th - Although rain isn't the best thing to happen at the beginning of the summer season, it was rather good. It cleared the air of all that dust and sand which blew over us from the south.

Above - A rainy and stormy change yesterday.

Friday 19th - Below - Frikes views.

Sunday 21st - It's day tripper season. Seems to be alot of daily visitors coming from the Balkans.

Thursday 26th - The fine weather continues. With Summer nearing, the skies become more orange at dusk and sunset.

May 2017

Ithaki Greece in Winter

Tuesday 16th



The island is covered in yellow as the olive trees spit their spore into the air.

Wednesday 17th - The looks like it's beginning to clear again after yesterdays thundery and rainy change.


Friday 19th - After a few days of rainy weather, it was clear again today, although there was quite a bit of wind, especially in the north and Frikes in particular which saw a yacht get damaged.


The ferry strike continues through until tonight midnight. Hopefully there won't be an announcement for further disruptions.

Sunday 21st - Beautiful sunny day yesterday, but there's rain forecast again for today.

Locals are still wearing clothing, but for those on holiday, they're bearing as much as they can to soak up the sun.

Thursday 26th - Nearly the end of another month. If you're waiting for your holiday on Ithaca, time may be dragging, but if you're here, it's probably going way too quickly.


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