Kathara Deftera / Clean Monday Monday 27th February 2017

Traditionally, Anoghi was the place to go on Clean Monday, not just for the friendly community and atmosphere, but also for flying kites, and although it continues to be well attended, Kioni in recent years, has also put on a celebration for Kathara Deftera (Clean Monday).

Without much wind, there's not much point in flying a kite, despite that this excercise being a tradition for Kathara Deftera (Clean Monday). The Anoghi community is always such an open and friendly environment, welcoming locals and strangers with equal warmth and enthusiasm.

Anoghi has a great family atmosphere and the biggest spread of food you can imagine.

They came from Vathy and all the villages between there and Kioni.

Local dishes, made by the locals and local wine from loval vineyards.

Ithacans like nothing better than to get together for food and wine.

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When Anoghi celebrations were winding down, but you felt like you still hadn't had enough of celebrating you could then head on down the mountain to the harbour village of Kioni.

In Kioni, all the local faces were there enjoying themselves as they always do. Inside the music had a few of them dancing their shoes off, as you'd expect at a celebration such as this.

After a couple of local wines, it's only reasonable that there would be dancing. Lots of it. Young and old, impassioned by the need to move.

And, as if the gods themselves shone down, the grey skies turned blue.

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