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Friday 12th May 2014


Steleios Paris, director and visionary for this play, took the spirit and essence of Aristophanes's  (The greatest representative of Ancient Greek comedy - born c. 450 bc—died c. 388 bc) 11 plays and meshed and mixed them up with social and political references and ideologies which have and do now, effect Greece and it's population through modern times. The play lasted about 2.5 hours and there wasn't a dull moment from beginning to end. 

Steleios Paris directed one of the biggest theatre groups I have yet seen on Ithaca, featured all, made us laugh, ponder our circumstance and think about our future through the most contemporary performance I have seen with the Forkis Theatre group. It was raw and energetic, used the space of the entire Cultural center and involved the audience in a way that has not been seen on the island before.

For the first time too, only pre-ticket sales were accepted, as the seating was limited and there was no loitering around the edges or at the back, as it was all part of the stage. Luckily, my friends at Forkis again gave me the opportunity to move around freely to take photographs to share with you all.