Forkis Theatre Group Present 'The 6th Floor' Saturday 8th April 2017

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Alred Gehri wrote nearly 40 plays, including “Sixeme Etage” ("Sixth Floor"), which had 20,000 performances in 40 countries, was filmed twice and was produced on radio and television in 26 countries so why not a performance on Ithaca in Greece by Forkis Theatre Group too. Forkis Theatre Group under the direction of Stelios Sofos, managed to heat up another cool night with laughter and entertainment. The stage setting and lighting were particularly good this year, thanks to Yiannis Marnezos and Evstathia Drakontaidi. Moody and evocative. This years cast was stripped back down to mostly veterans of Forkis. A small well rehearsedensemble.

The Musical is set during the financial crisis of the 30’s, in which a group of people, –a representation of the entire society, co-exists on the 6th floor of a Parisian block of apartments. The play follows the lives of the tennants through their romances, conflicts, passions and dreams, dreams which offer them the courage to handle the difficulties of their routine and life through challenging circumstance. As the play progresses, they realize that beyond dreams there is love, fellowship and solidarity. There is a sense that they remain united against every difficulty and only through this feeling can they eventually be true winners in the game of life.

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