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Monday 25th March 2013

Click Here for Stavros    Click Here for Vathy

Today Greece celebrated it's independence from the Ottoman Empire. Independence Day is an annual celebration of 25th March 1821, when some parts of Greece declared themselves free from the Turks. On Ithaca this day consists of a northern and southern island parade in the main street, with speeches from community heads, flags waving and children of all ages participating in the parade. There is also a prominent military presence as church, community and military collide in a rememberance of this historical day.

The weather was quite mild, but the wind, not only kept the ferry in the port, but nearly blew the flag poles out of the hands of the children. It was quite wild. All the hair-dos didn't last the blast. The kids held on to their hats and flags and with good humour, perservered the unrelenting weather conditions of the parade.

It's unfortunate that both north and south Ithaca, have this parade at almost the same time. It's a bit of a rush getting from one place to the next,  but as everyone captures the Vathy Parade, I didn't want to leave Stavros out, so I ran for it and caught at least some of both parades. It was nice to see so many of the northerners coming out, despite the wind. The kids always march so proudly and happily, taking their roles very seriously, although to them, the meaning is only a hint of the history they celebrate.


Click Here for Stavros    Click Here for Vathy